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Who wants to inform and also wants to make a difference, has to push it. Flyers, leaflets, brochures and other carriers made of paper serve to distribute informationen from person to person. Since RollerJet is designed for small transports, these documents may not exceed 20 kilograms per order. Maybe then it's worth it if your compare the prices on the courier market in Zurich. If you give RollerJet a kick, the courier starts to move. Notice: Several orders at once means one order for free.
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When it comes to shopping, your profession sometimes comes into conflict with your private life - and no one has ten hands. Or the shopping is sometimes burdensome. Or maybe not independently possible. Sure, we do not have ten hands, but time for your purchase. For 8 francs per order we will bring you what you need. Saving Tip: If one contract is for more than one person, it's even cheaper. And the first time is free. This service is not available for citizens who life outside of Switzerland respectively Zurich.