TAC The terms and conditions (TAC) summarize the most important conditions under which Claudio Biesele, the holder of the Website RollerJet (www.rollerjet.ch), and the user of RollerJet will have a contract. The contract includes the conditions for the use of the service of RollerJet and the liabilities and duties of the holder Claudio Biesele to the user of RollerJet.
Contract subject The use of the service of RollerJet, which offers users a platform for making online reservations for his courier services. The use of this online service is free of charges.
Contract With the confirmation of his user name and the first handing over of his password, the user of RollerJet (www.rollerjet.ch) accepts the contractual conditions that are described in the TAC. The agreement between RollerjTe and the user of RollerJet can be canceled by the user at any time and without waiting period. The user of RollerJet has to accept a cancellation of the contract through RollerJet only for illegal activities.
Protection The Privacy at RollerJet (www.rollerjet.ch) adheres essentially to the Federal Law of 19 June 1992 on data protection (DSG).
Recording Private data will be submitted encrypted and stored in a database, which is a transaction-safe.
Trade data RollerJet (www.rollerjet.ch) does not deal with and does not use private data of users of this service for marketing purposes or other purposes.
Obligations RollerJet (www.rollerjet.ch) undertakes everything to keep personal data safe and secure and protect against unauthorized access. This also includes regular backups of the affected entries. RollerJet never trades customers data.
Liability RollerJet (www.rollerjet.ch) is liable for the loss of private data, if the loss is related in connection with an error in programming RollerJet. Browsers crashing, system or server crashes or Internet congestion are excluded. To prevent loss of sensitive data members data will be entered into databases that are transaction-safe.
=> The TAC describes the rules under which this service works and how the user is affected by it.
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