Charges: 100 pieces for 8 CHF/hr, minimum quantity 300 (price valid in the city of Zurich)
Weight: 20 Kilograms max.
Measurements: max. A4
Additional infos: When distributing flyers, brochures or other promotional material to be close to the customer is very important. The scooter is easy to ride, very mobile and can contribute in proportion to its own quite a lot of weight: more than three times more as its one weight. From that 20 kilogram belong to the customer. So use the beast of burden on two wheels that comes easily from door to door to your advantage and engage RollerJet with the distribution of your promotional materials. Saving money tip: For multiple orders that are abandoned at once, there is one free order.
Valid since:  2015-12-05
Every new RollerJet customer has an order for free if not satisfied. See for yourself at first - with an attractive price.
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Charges: Per order: from 8 CHF (Zurich city), outside city border per order 16 CHF
Weight: 10 Kilograms max.
Measurements:  Transport box
Additional infos: Imagine, no one goes shopping for you. Because you have no time, but many obligations. Just the right job for RollerJet: let us do the shopping - and when you arrive at home, the food is in your kitchen or at your door. Only cooking we leave to you. But even if it is not about the food: We can make your life easier - as long as it is a small transport fllowing the rules of RollerJet. In addition, we are available six days a week, which can also a have very pleasant effect on your leisure time.
Valid since:  2016-01-16
To save money: Divide a purchase with several people. So everyone pays a part of the costs - order and share with your friends and neighbours.